This page provides a collection of useful reference documents and various IT guides for the common tasks for Faculty and Staff in the Department of Computer Science, UH. Last modified: April 15, 2019 - Babu Sundaram
  1. Major IT resources for CS Faculty
  2. New faculty resources in CS IT
  3. Printers - (a) All-in-one Sharp Printer in PGH 501 (b) Brother Printer in PGH 226
  4. Presentation Spaces in the CS department
  5. UH Software licenses and availability for CS Faculty
  6. Configuring Outlook for UH Office 365
  7. Faculty Email Lists
  8. Gmail and CS alias - Using them together
  9. Per a recent change in UIT security policy, UH has blocked open RDP connections originating from off campus to machines on the UH network. From now on, prior to using RDP, you have to establish a VPN connection and RDP connections would then work. Instructions on installing/using UH VPN is available here .
  10. Migrating Systems that use RHEL as part of UH License to update to the new UH Satellite system - Follow these steps.